Meet the team!

Lucy! Creator of Cutesy Cuts.

I have been cutting childrens hair now for over 5 years and I absolutely adore doing it! Watching them grow and develop into lovely young adults! 

I aim to always create a fun, but relaxed atmosphere for both children and parents. 

Whilst not every child enjoys haircuts, for different reasons, I work towards providing a positive experience for little ones in the hope they eventually grow to love haircuts! 

I'm fully experienced with neurodivergent children and those who just simply don't enjoy getting their hair done. Moving my body in different angles and positions for haircutting you didn't know was even possible! 

My home has a slight different vibe to normal salons. Rather than waiting around and your child getting anxious and trying to keep them patient in a busy salon, you can book an appointment and be seen right at your appointment time! 

There's no stress! I don't mind the screaming and shouting, the fidgeting and the little wondering hands that sometimes come with haircuts. There is no need to feel embarrassed when you come to visit me at my salon. 

The homely salon environment I have created has definitely helped alot of children with the whole experience of getting their hair done. They feel confident, comfortable and relaxed within the setting


Buzz is a joyful little puppy. He enjoys meeting new people and the children absolutely adore him!

He'll give your little ones a run for their money with his energy and enthusiasm for playtime! 

He enjoys cuddles from both parents and kids whilst I'm working, but no need to worry if you or your little ones aren't a fan, he's used to not ALWAYS being center of attention and I have a separate room he can go into to keep yourselves or little ones at ease. 


This little munchkin is measles! That's right, you read her name correct. 

You'll normally find her sleeping and lounging out on a chair or in the middle of the floor. Shes great for cuddles as shes obsessed with attention. She's a queen and she knows it! 

With super soft fur and a beautiful face, the children often absolutely cherish her. 

Once again, if your little ones or yourself aren't a fan of cats, she too can be put into another room to keep you guys at ease! 

Sue! Aka Susan Boyle

Sue is free roam, but often hiding from the excitement. If you're calm enough, she sometimes pops her head round to see who's in the salon and will come for cuddles and strokes.

Shes normally hiding upstairs or behind one of the sofas. She's a quiet and peaceful animal and enjoys spending time to herself, but she's also loving and attentive to those who are loving back to her. She is however an older lady and can be a little grumpy with noise and commotion, so don't be offended if she doesn't come say hi!