Children’s haircutting services: 

Toddler haircuts, baby's haircuts, haircuts for both boys and girls and haircuts for SEN children! 

My services are crafted with your child’s needs in mind, offering:

  • Gentle Hair Cutting and Styling: Skillful and gentle haircuts tailored to your child’s preferences and sensory sensitivities. Not every child likes the clippers, not every child likes to get their hair wet, I’m well versatile in cutting techniques to help your little one’s get through what can be a traumatic time.
  • Sensory-Friendly hair cutting: Use of natural, gentle hair care products that are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances.
  • Understanding child needs: Not every child wants to sit there quietly and still whilst they get their haircut. I am very happy for your little one to run about and burn some energy before and/or during the haircut. With a large space, there is enough room for your little one to be on the move mid-haircut!  They can relax on the sofa and watch the big TV all whilst getting their hair done, rather than being confined to one tight spot.
  • Toys and Games: At Cutesy Cuts I have a range of cuddly toys, wooden toys, hot wheels and much more for your little ones to play with. Playing with toys is often a big comfort for children, especially those who are neurodivergent. Just having something to cuddle or fiddle can help instantly relax your little one and make their experience a whole lot better.


Kids Car cut - £15 *TV and Xbox included
Your little ones can sit in the car whilst getting their haircut. I have Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Disney + and many more platforms that the children are welcome to watch their favourite TV shows or films!

Ages 6+ Haircut - £15 *TV and Xbox included
I have selected different games for children to play such as Roblox, Minecraft, Fall guys, Forza, Fortnite, Rocket league and many more! If they don't want to play a game, they are welcome to watch their favourite TV shows or films.

Pre-appointment you can ask for a specific game for the XBOX and I will do my best to download it if it’s not already there.  I have found this helps with older kids as well as younger kids, to entice them to get their hair done and to come back regularly.

Parents dry cut - £20 
I know it’s not always easy as a parent finding the time to get your own hair cut, especially not when you’ve got little ones to think about. I offer adults haircuts as well as children’s. There is no need to worry about finding child care or somewhere for your child to go, as they are more than welcome here for your appointment too! They can sit and play or watch TV whilst you have some much needed hair care time. You’re welcome to a cup of tea or coffee and to sit back, relax and have some down time.

Car cuts Madness Monday! - £10 haircuts 
I know that getting your child’s haircut is important and not everyone can afford to come as often as they would like due to the cost of living, for this I offer a cheaper price on a Monday to help those who would like a cheaper haircut. The service I provide does not lack in quality or expertise, it is purely for those who may need it or to save a little extra pennies for the expensive life kids lead.

Fringe trim - £5

Crew cut *Head shave- £10

Styled party hair - £15

*All kids hair include plaits and sparkle on request

Glitter tattoo - £2 each 

Temporary tattoo - £1 each 

Fruit shoot - £1 each